Your Path to Private Neurodevelopmental Services

We offer a wide range of private neurodevelopmental services to help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves. Our highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team of clinicians specialise in conducting private ADHD assessments and private autism assessments, as well as combined autism/ADHD assessments and post-assessment support.

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Our Prices

At Melios, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. Our services operate on a pay-per-use model, with separate fees based on the type of assessment required.

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The Melios process

Learn more about our process and what to expect from our private ADHD and autism assessment process. We've streamlined our service so that you experience a thorough yet efficient service that never compromises on quality.

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A unique approach to private ADHD and autism assessments

Two children interacting online. Melios has great experience of remote ADHD and Autism assessments.

Clinical excellence built on proven experience

The Melios' clinical neurodevelopmental services model is based on our sister company, Healios. This method has been developed over a decade of successfully delivering clinical services for the NHS. We have provided high-quality care and achieved positive outcomes for over 50,000 people in the UK.

A team you can trust

At Melios, we carefully select and directly employ all of our clinicians. This enables us to thoroughly vet and credential our team, ensuring that everyone receives the highest standard of private ADHD and autism assessments from experts who understand the complexities of neurodivergent conditions.

Convenience and accessibility

We understand the challenges you face when accessing neurodevelopmental services support. That's why we offer virtual services as a convenient and accessible alternative to in-person care, while upholding the highest quality standards. Receiving quality care from the comfort of your own home allows for ease of access and creates a safe space for individuals and families to engage in the ADHD and autism assessment processes.

Family-led approach

Through our family-led approach we empower people who have a range of clinical needs across mental health and/or neurodiverse conditions to build the capabilities for long-term positive mental health and wellbeing outcomes. We involve families in our private ADHD and autism assessment process if this is required by the individual, or family.

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