Why choose Melios?

Your journey towards understanding yourself matters to us. That's why our team delivers personalised assessments that address your unique needs.


Our post assessment support is tailored to each individual. We offer personalised support to ensure each person, or child has meaningful outcomes.


Our team has worked for many years in supporting individuals following assessments. We are here to help people understand their assessments and feel confident in moving forward.


Whether you have received a diagnosis or not, we can help. We offer an introductory session to understand your goals and create a plan to work towards them.

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Our post ADHD and autism assessment support packages

We have a number of post ADHD and autism assessment support packages available for both individuals and families. These packages are designed to offer ongoing assistance and guidance on managing neurodivergent conditions whether you've received a diagnosis, or not.

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We can support you with:

  • Understanding the diagnosis

  • Emotional regulation skills

  • Developing organisational skills

  • Managing transitions, e.g. at school

  • Supporting school-based anxiety

  • Communication strategies in the home

You can opt for packages of 3 sessions, or 1 session at a time, depending upon what works best for you, or you and your family.

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Talk to us about post-assessment support

Looking for further support following your assessment? Book a free consultation with our clinical team today to discuss post-assessment support. Following an assessment, we can support you and your family, whether there has been a diagnosis or not.

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