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Our team of experienced and dedicated clinicians are here to help. We provide private ADHD and autism assessments for adults when the time is right for you - and there is no need for a referral.


We use a specialist approach using subtle presentation to understand the complexities of each individual, meaning you receive a thorough and industry leading assessment.


There's no need to travel to appointments, our best-in-class mental health service is hassle-free to work around your existing commitments and has been used in the UK for over 10 years.


Your journey towards understanding yourself matters to us. We provide personalised assessments to suit your unique needs. Our streamlined process ensures you receive the support you need without delay.

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Our private ADHD and autism assessments for adults

Learn more below about each of the services we offer for adults aged 18+

1 Combined Assessments

Because Autism and ADHD so regularly co-exist, many adults opt for this assessment where both areas are considered alongside one another. This comprehensive assessment is provided by our experienced clinical team who understand how Autism and ADHD can present together and the unique strengths and challenges that this can bring.

2 Autism Assessments

Our assessment pathways are flexible, so you can attend appointments on your own or with someone who knows you well. We seek to understand your strengths as well as any challenges you experience, and the impact of these. As well as the more typical presentation of autism, we are experts in understanding subtle presentation of autism.

3 ADHD Assessments

Our easy to access assessments are provided by experienced clinicians who understand the challenges that can arise from being an adult living with ADHD.

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Experts in subtle presentation

Our clinical team are experts in subtle presentation, previously referred to as ‘female presentation’, of both Autism and ADHD, and will seek to understand the steps you have put in place to manage your needs. All our clinicians have undergone further training in this area, and our online assessments make accessing this assessment a straightforward and convenient process for you.


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