Why choose Melios?

We provide private child ADHD and autism assessments in the UK. Our family-led approach means that we take into account everything that makes your family unique, and personalise our approach to meet yours and your child’s needs.


Our expert team are dedicated to helping your child thrive. We provide comprehensive ADHD and autism assessments and evidence-based interventions.


Our sister company, Healios is the biggest digital provider of ADHD and autism assessments online to the NHS. With over 10 years experience, we are a leading provider of these services in the UK.


Our services are provided online, so you and your family can access support from the comfort of your own home. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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Our ADHD and autism assessments for children and young people

Learn more below about each of the services we offer for children and young people from age 7 to 17.

1 Combined Assessments

Autism and ADHD often co-exist, so many of our clients opt to have both considered simultaneously. This means that a more detailed neurodevelopmental assessment is possible, giving greater clarity to you and your child as to the nature of their needs. These assessments are provided by our experienced clinicians who understand how autism and ADHD can present together, along with the unique strengths and challenges that this can bring.

2 Autism Assessments

Our assessment approach keeps your child and you at the centre of what we do. Information from school, or other third parties, such as club leaders, is gathered so that we can fully understand your child’s strengths and needs. We know that many children are able to ‘mask’ their challenges at school, so be assured that our clinicians are all additionally trained in understanding a more ‘subtle autistic presentation’ that is often the case for so many of our clients.

3 ADHD Assessments

All our assessments are client and family-led, so we keep you at the centre of the assessment. School, or third party information is gathered for every assessment, as well as specific screening measures. We understand that many young people may present with a more subtle ADHD presentation, or be predominantly inattentive, but all our clinicians have had additional training to understand your child fully.

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We follow NICE guidelines

All our assessments follow NICE guidelines. Once the assessment has been completed we provide a detailed report containing recommendations, and a feedback appointment is scheduled for all clients.

We have a range of post-assessment intervention packages available after the assessment, including the opportunity to have a one page profile devised for you. We know how useful this document can be - whether that’s for year group transitions or managing a secondary school environment with teaching staff involved.

A parent's review of our service

It's important to us that the experience you and your child has is the best it can be. Here's some words from a parent we worked with for an autism assessment for their son.

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"Everyone we came into contact with has been lovely. Very kind, relaxed and informal. It took a lot of soul searching for me to seek a diagnosis for my son. I wasn't ever made to feel as though I had done the wrong thing.

I'm just so thankful to everyone who has made this process so easy. One of the main benefits to using Melios is how quickly the process has been. After many years of managing setbacks accessing support, the swift appointment process has been such a relief."

Parent of a child who received an autism assessment


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